Recent Before & After Photos

Kitchen Fire in Lafayette, LA

Kitchen fires are the most common fire disaster. Many homes suffer every year to fires that started in the kitchen and then moved onto the rest of the home.How ... READ MORE

Parking Lot Cleanup

The cleanup of this parking lot was needed after flood waters left a lot of dirt behind. The storm drains backed up during the heavy rain. All the dirt and filt... READ MORE

Flood Line Against Wall

The wall shows a line where the flood had moved dirt and grime into the home situated in Lafayette, LA.The storm damage came through the room next door and left... READ MORE

Hospital Needing Their Air Cleaned

The air in this hospital was being cleaned to keep the smoke particles from causing problems after a fire had burned on a different floor.Air Scrubbers Wit... READ MORE

Sewer Backup Cleanup in Lafayette, LA

When it comes to a sewer backup it is important to remove any trace that it had occurred in the first place.Sewer Cleanup and DisinfectingThis bathroom had a ba... READ MORE

Cutting Out Mold

Mold Cleanup in Lafayette HomeAfter a water damage there is usually a grace period of 24 hours before mold begins to grow. Drywall has a paper backing which is ... READ MORE

Storm Water Cleanup in Lafayette, LA

"When it rains, it pours" is often heard when things are going wrong. The adage is correct when the water enters your home causing a lot more damage than expect... READ MORE

Air Conditioning Leak Cleanup

SERVPRO of Lafayette helped this office space stay open for business even when there was a water damage from a leak from the air conditioning unit.Quick Thinkin... READ MORE

Moldy Cabinets Removed From Home

Mold growth is very distressing in your home. old begins to grow between twenty-four and forty-eight hours. If water damages don't get cleaned then mold will be... READ MORE

Hundreds of Bags for Storm Cleanup

Each of the homes on the shore needed to have a lot of demolition done which was then stored on the curb until the local waste management company could retrieve... READ MORE