Recent Before & After Photos

Sewage Backup Lafayette, LA

This bedroom in a home in Lafayette, LA was next to a bathroom that had a sewage backup. To prevent the spread and growth of microbial bacteria the 36" of dryw... READ MORE

Mold in New Iberia, LA

This restroom in a facility in New Iberia, LA had a mold growth. The plywood was stripped and treated to prevent any further microbial growth. Our customer wa... READ MORE

Fire in Opelousas Home

This electrical fire originated in a bedroom in this home in Opelousas LA. Notice the extent of damage spread through out the bedroom. The dry wall was damage... READ MORE

Flooded Home Lafayette, LA

This home in Lafayette, LA was flooded as a result of a broken pipe. Water damage spread up the walls and the wood flooring was damaged through out the home. ... READ MORE

Nail Polish

In this home in Youngsville, LA, a teenager accidently knocked over her bottle of nail polish. The owner attempted to get the polish out himself, but to no suc... READ MORE