Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Removing Moldy Material

After a large storm with heavy rains caused flooding in this home, the moisture left over after the damage caused mold to begin to grow, as you can see from the... READ MORE

Leaking Dishwasher Causes Mold

A leak under this dishwasher caused more than just a wet floor. When the crew of SERVPRO of Lafayette arrived on the scene of this loss, we began pulling out th... READ MORE

Cutting Out Mold

Mold Cleanup in Lafayette Home After a water damage there is usually a grace period of 24 hours before mold begins to grow. Drywall has a paper backing which is... READ MORE

Moldy Cabinets Removed From Home

Mold growth is very distressing in your home. old begins to grow between twenty-four and forty-eight hours. If water damages don't get cleaned then mold will be... READ MORE

Water Heater Causes Mold

Black Mold in Lafayette, LAThe black mold growing in this home started after the water heater started leaking. The water soaked up the drywall and was left too ... READ MORE

Mold in New Iberia, LA

Room damaged by mold This room in a facility in New Iberia, LA had a mold growth. Too much humidity had caused the mold to start growing. The plywood was stripp... READ MORE