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Duct Cleaning in Lafayette

When it comes to cleaning ducts for you business, we can help. It is important to have ducts cleaned at least every year, but it is better to have them cleaned ... READ MORE

Washing Machine Hookups Leaking

There are many times that a home may see water damage. Supply lines are usually the case if it is a clean water loss. Supply line failure is often the case and ... READ MORE

Bathroom Flooding in Lafayette, LA

Water Behind Wood PanelingHow much damage is done by water is determined on the material as much as the amount of moisture. Wood paneling is not "real wood" in ... READ MORE

Hurricane Damage in Lafayette, LA

Bad Hurricane Damage in Lafayette, LAWhat should I do if a hurricane destroys my homeMake sure everyone is safe.Call your insurance company and go over coverage... READ MORE

Bathroom Backup Due to Storm

Storm Drains Backup ProblemsWhen there are storms in the areas some buildings will have backup problems in bathrooms and basements. The water tables will raise ... READ MORE

Lafayette Flooding from Storm Damage

How do you deal with flood damage?The problem with flooding from outside is the bacteria and contamination that comes from it. Flood water could have traveled f... READ MORE

Removing Moldy Material

After a large storm with heavy rains caused flooding in this home, the moisture left over after the damage caused mold to begin to grow, as you can see from the... READ MORE

Leaking Dishwasher Causes Mold

A leak under this dishwasher caused more than just a wet floor. When the crew of SERVPRO of Lafayette arrived on the scene of this loss, we began pulling out th... READ MORE

Cleaning Up Your Home After A Fire

Even though every fire is a little different, the processes for cleaning up the aftermath are basically the same.Cleaning SootSoot is one of the messier parts o... READ MORE

Dealing With The Smell Of Smoke

This home suffered severe damage from a fire that started in the kitchen and impacted the entire home. SERVPRO of Lafayette was called to the scene for cleanup.... READ MORE