Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damage In New Iberia

A homeowner in New Iberia called us about a water damage disaster. A bad storm caused damaged their roof causing water to pour into the home. The carpeting was ... READ MORE

Hurricane Damage in Lafayette, LA

Bad Hurricane Damage in Lafayette, LAWhat should I do if a hurricane destroys my home Make sure everyone is safe. Call your insurance company and go over covera... READ MORE

Bathroom Backup Due to Storm

Storm Drains Backup Problems When there are storms in the areas some buildings will have backup problems in bathrooms and basements. The water tables will raise... READ MORE

Lafayette Flooding from Storm Damage

How do you deal with flood damage? The problem with flooding from outside is the bacteria and contamination that comes from it. Flood water could have traveled ... READ MORE

Flood Line Against Wall

The wall shows a line where the flood had moved dirt and grime into the home situated in Lafayette, LA.The storm damage came through the room next door and left... READ MORE

Storm Water Cleanup in Lafayette, LA

"When it rains, it pours" is often heard when things are going wrong. The adage is correct when the water enters your home causing a lot more damage than expect... READ MORE

Hundreds of Bags for Storm Cleanup

Each of the homes on the shore needed to have a lot of demolition done which was then stored on the curb until the local waste management company could retrieve... READ MORE