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Preparing a Residential Fire Escape Plan

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

Burnt room Ensure everyone knows how to exit the home as quickly as possible if the unthinkable does happen.

Tips To Create A House Fire Escape Plan

A house fire can happen to anyone, including residents of Lafayette, LA. To ensure that you and your family are prepared in the event of such an emergency, it’s critical to develop a personal fire escape plan. If you’re unsure of how to get started, here are some tips courtesy of the American Red Cross that you’ll want to keep in mind:

• Identify multiple points of exit. Make sure that you’ve identified at least two escape routes from each room of your home. Keep in mind that doors may be inaccessible due to excessive heat.

• Stay clear of smoke. Inhaling too much smoke can be just as hazardous as the actual fire itself. Make sure that you and your family practice staying low to the ground as part of any fire escape plan.

• Know what to do if clothes catch fire. If this happens, it’s imperative not to panic. Ensure that everyone knows the proper technique to stifle the flames: stop, drop, and roll.

• Designate a meeting place outside the home. When a house fire occurs, the smoke and flames can cause things to get chaotic fast. Identify an outside location where household members can meet up to ensure everyone is safe.

• Practice, practice, practice. Drills are important for any emergency escape plan, and fires are no exception. The Red Cross reports that you may have as little as two minutes to evacuate. Once escape routes are established, enact regular, timed fire drills to ensure everyone knows how to exit the home as quickly as possible if the unthinkable does happen.

Dealing with the loss of mementos and personal items due to a house fire can be devastating, but there are professionals who can help with cleanup and restoration, and material things can be replaced. Nothing is more important than your family’s safety. Preparing and practicing a fire escape plan is one of the best ways to ensure family members are prepared for an emergency.

4 Items To Always Throw Away After a Fire

6/22/2021 (Permalink)

Debris from fire in a bathroom. Fire damage in a bathroom.

Steps To Take After A Fire

Following a fire, you may be able to salvage certain items, including clothing and furniture. However, other items will not be as lucky. It is important to always know when to cut your losses and to throw away possessions that can pose harm now that they have taken on fire damage.

1. Cosmetics

The high heat from the fire can wreak havoc on makeup. Additionally, soot may build up on certain products. You do not want to risk putting soot directly on your skin, so toss any makeup that was exposed to the fire.

2. Medicine

Similarly, medicine becomes contaminated when exposed to extreme temperatures. The fire may reduce the effectiveness of the medication, and you will not reap all the same benefits you are used to. Instead, it is preferable to throw away medicine properly and to talk to your doctor about getting a new prescription.

3. Food

It is better to simply toss food that may have been exposed to the fire than risk consuming anything potentially contaminated. This includes refrigerated food in addition to food left in your cabinets. You also need to be mindful if your fridge had to be unplugged for a span of time to prevent the fire from escalating.

4. Burnt Clothing

Although clothing can be salvaged if it only has soot on the fabric, you need to watch if any clothing took on actual fire damage. This is particularly necessary if the clothing is meant for children or infants.

At the end of the day, most items are replaceable. You can always attempt to salvage certain items that mean a lot to you, but ultimately, you do not want to put yourself or your family in harm’s way. FEMA lays out various other steps to take after a fire, so do not waste time trying to figure out if you should hang on to or throw away possibly damaged food. Instead, take action to make your home in City, State, livable once again.

How To Remove Smoke and Soot After a Fire

3/24/2021 (Permalink)

cables attached to the wall burned out Fire damage in Lafayette, LA.

How To Remove Smoke And Soot After a Fire

After a house fire in Lafayette, LA, the lingering effects of soot and smoke damage can be difficult to fully remediate. Fortunately, there are a variety of tactics available to get fire-damaged homes back to normal.

Smoke Cleaning
There are several methods of smoke cleaning used today. Three of the most popular are the following:

  • Air scrubbing
  • Ozone generation
  • Thermal fogging

As the air circulates, an air scrubbing machine traps the odorous particulates. Ozone generation releases ozone into the home, and the ozone combines with the smoke particles to create a new particle that no longer smells like smoke. Both air scrubbing and ozone generation are effective odor removal techniques. However, some situations call for thermal fogging. If the smoke odor is trapped in porous surfaces, the other techniques may not be able to fully address the problem. In a fire, the heat causes some surfaces to expand. When the fire is extinguished, the surfaces cool and contract, trapping some of the smoke particles. Thermal fogging re-heats the area, causing surfaces to expand again and allowing the odor-eliminating fog to reach the smoke particles and neutralize the odor.

Soot Cleaning
In addition to smoke damage, your home is likely to suffer soot damage after a fire. The type of soot that remains after a fire has burned depends on the nature of the fire and the makeup of the items being burned. The following are four types of soot often left behind after a residential fire:

  • Dry soot
  • Wet soot
  • Protein residue
  • Oily soot

Dry soot is generally the least troublesome and can often be removed by using a HEPA vacuum on the affected surface. Wet soot, protein residue and oily soot are all more difficult to remove. Improper cleaning techniques can lead to further damage. An experienced restoration service can determine the type of soot present in your home and choose the best cleaning method.
Soot and smoke damage can wreak havoc on your home. However, thorough and careful remediation can fully remove all soot and smoke from your fire-damaged home.

4 Easy Steps To Operate a Fire Extinguisher

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Fire extinguisher instruction labels set. Instruction extinguisher and protection of fire with extinguisher illustration P.A.S.S Technique

Proper Operation Techniques Can Be Learned In Just A Few Moments

Fires spring up suddenly in homes every day. A couple of inexpensive and easy-to-use tools can protect your family from the damaging effects of fire and reduce the damage to your property. Fire alarms should be installed throughout your home in Lafayette, LA, and they should be tested a couple of times a year to ensure they are working properly. A fire extinguisher or two should also be in every home. Just as importantly, every person in the home 10 years or older should know how to use the device.

1. Pull the pin - Nearly every fire extinguisher will be equipped with a pin or tamper seal to make certain the device does not prematurely discharge. The first order of business is to pull the pin or break the tamper seal.

2. Aim the extinguisher - You do not want to aim the device at the top of the flames. Rather you want to aim low at the fire's base. This will be the most effective way to put the fire out quickly and limit fire damage to your home. Some models have a hose while others have a short nozzle.

3. Squeeze the trigger - Now you are ready to discharge the contents of the extinguisher. Just squeeze the handle and the extinguishing agents will come rushing out.

4. Sweep the area - While the contents are being discharged, be sure to sweep across the base of the fire, moving from side to side. This is the most effective motion whether you are dealing with a kitchen fire or another type of blaze.
Learning how to properly use a fire extinguisher strengthens your household's response to a fire. Developing a relationship with a fire mitigation team in your area is also a good idea. This allows you to call for restoration help if you do experience a fire in your home.

Landlord Responsibilities After a Commercial Apartment Fire

11/4/2020 (Permalink)

apartment fire A commercial apartment fire in Lafayette, LA

What To Do After A Commercial Apartment Fire

A commercial apartment fire in Lafayette, LA, affects both you and your tenants. You may be in shock and wondering exactly what to do next. You also need to determine the damages for which you are responsible.

First Steps
Once you find out about a fire in your commercial property, you need to take immediate actions. Your first steps should include:

  • Reporting the fire to your insurance provider
  • Setting up appointments with restoration companies
  • Talking to your tenants about the cause of the fire
  • Asking the fire officer when it is safe to enter the premises to survey the damage

In the days after the blaze, take pictures of the property and create an inventory of any structural damage. You should also cover openings and lock doors to keep out looters.

Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities
Next, you must determine which of the apartment fire repairs are your responsibility. In general, the landlord is in charge of fixing fire damage to the property itself, including the plumbing and electrical systems. Your insurance policy should help you cover the cost of these emergency restoration services.
The tenants, meanwhile, must repair or replace any items that they purchased for the commercial apartment. However, things get a bit complicated if the fire resulted from negligence by the landlord or tenants. If the tenants can prove that you were responsible for the blaze, they may be able to recoup additional money from you.
Similarly, you may not have to pay for all of the apartment repairs if it is determined that the fire was the fault of a tenant. In this scenario, your insurance company may work with the tenant or the tenant's insurance company to get compensation. You also may want to put in your lease specific language about landlord and tenant responsibilities following a fire.
Make sure that you and your tenants each understand what they need to do after a commercial apartment fire. This will expedite the restoration process.

3 Steps for Cleaning Dryer Lint

9/25/2020 (Permalink)

Horizontal photo of female hand taking the lint out from dirty air filter of the dyer machine Clean the lint screen of your dryer

Three Steps To Avoid Calling a Fire Restoration Company

Did you know that your clothes dryer can be a cause of a home lint fire? According to the United States Fire Administration, there are about 2,900 clothes dryer fires reported each year. The USFA also states that almost 35% of those fires could have been prevented if the dryer had been cleaned. Ensure that your Lafayette, LA, home doesn’t suffer the devastating effects of fire damage by cleaning your dryer regularly. Here are three steps to follow to avoid needing to call a fire restoration company.

1. Clean the Screen
The first part to clean is the lint screen. Every clothes dryer has a lint screen located on top or inside the bottom of the door. There are three ways to remove lint from the screen:

  • Run your fingers gently across the screen
  • Wipe a used dryer sheet on the screen
  • Use a vacuum brush attachment

It’s important to clean the lint screen before each new load to prevent a lint fire. If you use dryer sheets, remove the screen every month and run it under water to remove any residue.

2. Deep Clean the Vents
In addition to cleaning the screen, it’s necessary to deep-clean the vents at least once a year. Lint can get trapped and accumulate inside the vent, which leads to inefficient drying and possible combustion. Fortunately, cleaning the vent isn’t difficult.
First, unplug the dryer and shut off the power to the machine. Next, move the dryer away from the wall and remove the hose. Third, gently wipe the interior or put a vacuum attachment inside to pull out the lint. Finally, use a dryer cleaning kit and follow the instructions to clean the wall vent.

3. Clean the Exterior and Interior
Cleaning the outside and inside of the appliance prevents a dryer fire. Remove the back panel off your dryer with a screwdriver and gently wipe all areas with a soft cloth. Check inside as well to remove any lint in the drum.
Removing lint from the screen before each load and thoroughly cleaning the vents and dryer can prevent a lint fire.

We Have The Proper Equipment To Restore Your Lafayette Home After A Fire Disaster

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

Applications for Mechanical Cleaning Equipment after Fire Damage in Lafayette

Home environments are dry with many combustible materials inside. A faulty electrical appliance, or blocked up oven hood can act as an ignition switch for a house fire resulting in moderate to severe smoke damages throughout the property. First responder units can contain, or confine, flames using water or foam because fires require fuel sources. Smoke, on the other hand, can spread throughout a property moving into clean air pockets and depositing residues onto surfaces. When smoke cools, soots can drop onto floors or furnishing, but the vast majority of smoke deposits are concentrated on ceilings and walls. 

Restoration services for fire damage in your Lafayette home need to be qualified smoke restoration technicians to remove residues properly. There is a risk of spreading soiling around or worse pushing smoke particles into materials which can cause staining and persistent odor problems. SERVPRO technicians tackle this issue by using mechanical cleaning methods. 

Mechanical cleaning methods use equipment to agitate surfaces to remove smoke particles rapidly. Air whips can be used inside cavities to dislodge soot deposits alongside soda or sandblasting equipment to clear smoke particles without risking permanent damage. After mechanical equipment is used, negative air pressure can be applied to draw smoke particles from the surface safely. 

As a homeowner it is understandable to want to help with the fire damage remediation process. SERVPRO technicians can you advise you on the best method of assisting with the cleanup operation. When smoke cools, it drops small amounts of ash onto table surfaces which can be wiped off using wet cloths and sanitizer without causing damage. Most fabrics, however, should be left to the professional restorer, as these absorbent materials require a tailored approach for the best chances of restoring them to preloss condition. 

Soots and smoke residues can become permanent issues without the proper equipment to restore them. Contact SERVPRO of Lafayette at (337) 269-6332 today.

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We Have Specialized Techniques To Get Rid Of Fire Damage In Lafayette

9/8/2020 (Permalink)

How Hydroxyl Generators Improve Fire Effects in Lafayette Homes

Many effects can result from a fire in your Lafayette home, and very few of these effects can get resolved by the homeowner. Without the appropriate equipment and training, recovery of fire effects can often make the situation worse, requiring even costlier restoration and cleaning efforts than you would have initially incurred. With a fast response to disasters like fires in your home, our team can put our leading equipment to work on restoring harmful lingering aspects of a recent fire such as harsh odors.

While we have many machines in our broad inventory of equipment to handle fire odor damage in your Lafayette home, a common choice is our hydroxyl generators. We have many units that can all cover large square footage areas to begin addressing indoor air quality concerns right away. Our SERVPRO professionals can install these machines strategically throughout the fire-damaged home during mitigation to continually work to improve the breathable air in the home and reduce the present smoke odors.

We have many machines that can exclusively work to eliminate odors in materials and open areas after a fire or similar emergency, and we also have exclusive equipment to address contaminants, dust, and debris present in the environment. The hydroxyl generator is one of the few machines in our vast inventory that can do both, and that is what makes them a popular choice for use after fire effects have taken hold in damaged homes.

With an onboard HEPA filter, this machine can continually filter out the air in the immediate area to reduce smoke and soot particles, dust and debris from demolition, volatile compounds, and other threats that might exist. It can also work to continually reduce the volume of harsh odor molecules in the air. For stubborn smoke odors, we can also use our thermal foggers or ozone machines if the hydroxyl generators are not getting the job done as quickly as it should.

While there are many solutions to address lingering odors in your home after fire damage, our SERVPRO of Lafayette can use a variety of machines and equipment to return your home to preloss condition. To make fire effects “Like it never even happened,” give us a call anytime at (337) 269-6332.

4 Crucial Steps for Business Fire Recovery

7/5/2020 (Permalink)

Visible damage to a commercial building following a structure fire Commercial building fire in Lafayette, LA

Things To Look Into Before and After a Fire

A business fire in Lafayette, LA, is a devastating experience. Even a small fire causes a significant amount of damage and many companies never recover. With the right moves, though, your company can withstand a fire and come back strong. Here are some vital things to look into before and after a fire that can make a huge difference to the well-being of your company.

1. Business Interruption Insurance. After a fire, a company often experiences a serious decline in revenue. This coverage compensates you for lost income while your company is in recovery mode. It will allow you to pay the bills, satisfy creditors, and keep your credit rating intact during this difficult time.

2. Fire Prevention. Fire alarms and on-site fire extinguishers are two vital tools that every company should invest in. These items can keep a fire small or even snuff one out entirely. A fire sprinkler system is also money well spent, especially for a business (such as a restaurant) that is at greater risk of a fire.

3. Fire Mitigation. Just as with business interruption insurance, fire mitigation plays an important role in surviving a fire. The services of a professional fire remediation team provide a variety of benefits. A fast, professional response after a fire can reduce expenses and losses and can shorten the time a company is out of business. Furthermore, quality fire cleaning can restore your building to its original condition.

4. Commercial Insurance. You should always make sure your commercial insurance policy is current and that it adequately covers your losses and expenses in the case of a business fire. Speaking with your insurance agent on a regular basis can accomplish this. It also a good idea to consider business interruption insurance. Loss of revenue after a fire can be substantial. Sometimes having the right insurance products can make a difference between survival and going out of business.

How a Lightning Strike Can Impact a Home

6/5/2020 (Permalink)

Lightning thunderstorm flash over the sky. Although a lightning fire may not be common, lightning strikes are

When your Lafayette, LA, home is your castle, a thunderstorm can easily create additional worry. Along with strong winds and fallen branches damaging the structure, there is also a risk of a lightning fire. Although not a top reason for a house fire, a lightning strike can affect your home and cause hidden fires to start.

Potential Risks

If lightning strikes your home, you could be faced with the following:

Fire: Along with potentially starting the roof or area where it hit on fire, it could lead to attic insulation or other hidden flammable items being caught on fire.
Power Surges: Bolts prefer to travel the fastest route from the sky to the ground. That often means crossing paths with the wiring and plumbing systems in a home. If a power line in the area was hit, it can also result in a surge that may damage appliances. Electronics, including any smart devices associated with the home, can also be severely damaged.
Shock Wave: The thunder in the sky can become very destructive as it gets closer. The explosive shock lightning emits can be powerful enough to break windows, crack foundations, or damage bricks and stones.

After a Strike
If your home is hit by lightning, immediately call 911. A lighting fire isn’t always visible, so it’s best to have the experts verify your home is safe. Once your home is deemed safe to enter, you can assess the damage and file an insurance claim. Along with getting the wiring in your home inspected, it is a good idea to have the structural integrity of the home checked. If there was a fire, contact a fire and smoke damage remediation and restoration specialist to get your house back to “Like it never even happened.”
Although a lightning fire may not be common, lightning strikes are. Staying aware and take swift action can help limit the damage.

3 Vital Components of a Fire Escape Plan

2/28/2020 (Permalink)

People (in a drawing) walking down stairs. Concept fire drill Be sure that you have a fire escape place and practice it often

Fire Escape Plan - Make Them a Priority

According to the American Red Cross, families may only have as much as two minutes to escape a home fire. That isn't much time to ensure the safety of your loved ones; therefore, homeowner's in Lafayette, LA, should take time to collaborate, considering the best methods and routes for efficient evacuation. Fire escape plan discussions are vital. Make them a priority.

1. Think About It
Don't rely on intuition to guide you when flames spark. Instead, you should have already created an emergency escape plan, known to the entire group. This should have mapped out several exit points. In fact, the American Red Cross highly recommends two exits for every room. Walk around the household, taking note of difficult spots. How could children move out of these sticky situations? Be cognizant of how to avoid stair fires and whether you'll need access to a ladder from the first floor. Once you're finished with the walk through, map it out and post it somewhere visible to everyone.

2. Establish Early Warning Systems
Fire escape plan protocol works best when you're signaled immediately. You don't want to waste a minute because you didn't smell smoke. Ensure that smoke detectors are in all rooms and working properly. Test them monthly, and change batteries regularly. Also, know where a phone is located to call 911. Let the firefighters handle the blaze. They along with a fire restoration company can take care of the property.

3. Practice Often
It's one thing to know a system. It's another to execute it. Sit with everyone, and share your concerns. Where will people meet up? Do kids know to never run back inside? Do they understand that pets may need to remain? These are difficult topics, but definitely significant. Review the emergency escape plan, and then time everyone following it. You want to have everyone escape in less than two minutes, so don't hesitate to do it a few times. In addition, teach best practices. Don't open doors right away, stay low to the ground and be alert.
Take care of those you love. Fire escape plan knowledge isn't frivolous. It's essential.

Our Fire Damage Technicians Can Restore Your Lafayette Home

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

We're here to help you.

Call Lafayette Fire Damage Cleanup Services After a Fire

Once the flames of a fire are put out in your home, you might realize you have been left with a hefty mess and that your Lafayette home requires fire damage cleanup services. Picture a kitchen fire that gets so out-of-hand that the fire department needs to be brought to your home. After firefighters manage to put the blaze out, you may find yourself surprised by the amount of mess that is left behind. After all, not only has the charred remains of the fire seared your walls and countertops, but water now covers everything inside of your kitchen.

When it comes to the mess left behind, always reach out for professional Lafayette fire damage cleanup services. When you call for reputable professionals, you can rest knowing that the job can get done correctly without any corners skipped. You will not have to worry about mold growth or unpleasant malodors hanging around.

Here at SERVPRO, we understand how overwhelming having a fire inside your home can be. For this reason, from the moment you call us with your fire damage emergency, we dedicate a team to your cause. By the time we finish remediating your home, it is always our goal to leave you happy.

When our techs get into your home, we can immediately begin removing any unsalvageable materials or debris. We may have to take apart the cabinetry of your kitchen and strip down your walls to the underlying wooden frame of your home. However, it is far better to start from the ground up rather than cutting corners.

From there, our techs could begin to remove the excess water using wet/dry vacuums. At this point, we can also begin to remediate the soot left from the fire, using house-made chemical cleaning solutions. Lastly, we can use several devices to limit the malodor in the air, such as thermal foggers or air scrubbers with carbon filters. Once we're finished the remediation, SERVPRO could finish the job off by helping you get in contact with a contractor who can rebuild your kitchen.

If your home is in need of fire damage cleanup services, get help immediately. Reach out to SERVPRO of Lafayette by phoning (337) 269-6332. We're here to help you.

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Fire Damage Lafayette – Can Food Items Be Saved

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO will be there every step of the way for your Lafayette fire damage, even when it comes to the food.

We can walk you through what to do for your food Items from your Lafayette fire damage.

Kitchen fires can leave a large area charred, covered in soot and adjacent rooms with smoke damage. These types of fires often start with something forgotten on the stove and spread to the cupboards. Quick action by the homeowner and the fireman usually limit significant damage to the kitchen from the fire as well as water or chemicals the firemen used to quell the fire. Homeowners have many questions. For example, canned food items be saved? 

SERVPRO of Lafayette Louisiana responds to all types of fires. Some are catastrophic, while most are contained to the kitchen area and limited to the stove area and adjacent cupboards. Remove food items on the counter exposed to heat or smoke. Food items are contaminated, and no one should consume these items.

What About Food in the Pantry?

Evaluate everything for smoke damage and exposure to heat. Dispose of food items wrapped in plastic containers or cellophane if exposed to heat. Review canned items and make decisions regarding their exposure. Dispose of any cans that are scorched, labels burned off or discolored. Inventory each item before being removed, for insurance purposes.

Can my Dishes Be Saved?

In most cases, dishes and cutlery, pots and pans can be saved. Evaluate each item. For example, pots and pans with ceramic handles may be permanently damaged. The majority of items such as dishware and glassware usually must be cleaned and examined for damage. Replace plastic items exposed to heat.

SERVPRO has a great deal of experience restoring homes after a fire. We can guide the homeowner regarding what can be cleaned and saved. We can also help with the paperwork for insurance claims. Include even relatively small items added to the disposal list. These items can add up. Include these items in insurance claims consistent with your home insurance coverage.

Call SERVPRO of Lafayette at (337) 269-6332 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Crowley, Abbeville, Saint Martinville, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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How Do I Clean My Belongings After Fire Damage?

9/11/2019 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO technicians can walk you through cleaning up your belongings after a fire damage in Lafayette.

Cleaning your belongings from your fire damaged items in Lafayette can be tricky.

More often than not, fires happen seemingly out of nothing, and it can take a while to find the culprit.  The fire damage, however, is palpable as soon as the first flame erupts and soot and ashes deposit themselves around every single surface in your home.  As overwhelming as the situation may seem, professional restoration experts can help you clean and disinfect your property, so this fire incident becomes a memory.  Having a team of experts available to meet the specific cleaning needs of each item in your home individually is priceless in preserving your belongings and mitigating your loss.

In Lafayette, SERVPRO is your fire damage expert.  Our trained technicians have access to a wide variety of techniques and products designed specifically for our industry to clean and restore your items after a fire.  All you need to do is call our 24/7 hotline so our Green Fleet may jump into action and begin the cleanup process as soon as possible. 

As a homeowner, you may be tempted to start cleaning as soon as firefighters are out of your house and confirm it is safe for reentry.  However, our SERVPRO technicians can tell you how important it is to use the right cleaning approach for your belongings. Failure to target your cleaning solutions may result in unnecessary loss and damage to some of your possessions.  The clean-up process typically starts with some dry cleaning, when we remove the fine dust settled throughout your house with brushes, vacuums, and sponges. Once this step is complete, we employ wet cleaning techniques for the remaining residue.  In the latter process, we may use spray solutions to wipe away the soot and could follow with foam cleansers to penetrate upholstery and other porous items.  For tougher jobs, we can use abrasive cleaners, always being careful of not damaging the surface.

SERVPRO of Lafayette is your fire cleanup and restoration ally regardless of the size of your job.  Our expertise can help you protect your belongings during the cleanup process and avoid a total loss.  All you need to do is call us at (337) 269-6332 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.” 

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Lafayette Area Surprise Kitchen Fire? Just Call SERVPRO for Restoration Services

6/12/2019 (Permalink)

Soot Odors and Fire Loss? Call SERVPRO for Rapid Service in Lafayette

SERVPRO Cleans Up Dishwasher Fire Damage in Lafayette Home

You know a dishwasher can deliver gallons of water if the appliance fails, but fire damage? According to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, dishwashers are the cause of around 500 home fires per year. Most often caused when fluid drips on an electrical component on the interior when it is running.

SERVPRO arrived on-site to a Lafayette home with fire damage in the kitchen. We immediately discarded the nonrestorable items such as the charred dishwasher, interior cabinet walls next to it and cabinet doors above as they bring nothing but odors.

We extracted the water which pooled in areas on the kitchen floor from both the firefighting efforts and the dishwasher itself. Using our moisture detection equipment, we found water migrated under the other appliances in the kitchen and behind the baseboards which we removed to let addition air flow in for faster drying.

Our technicians did several passes with our portable pumps to remove the maximum amount of moisture; this hastens the drying phase so we can clean the affected surfaces with our proprietary methods and SERVPRO solutions to get the room prepared for rebuilding.

After drying the kitchen and cleaning the visible residue from the surfaces, a strong odor remained. There is no way to cover that scent up, and because it is caused by soot which can be so tiny the human eye cannot detect even when they are airborne, there is potential to spread the odor throughout the home unless professionally neutralized.

Our technicians hold many certifications in the restoration sciences, and a frequently used one is in Odor Control. In the case of fire loss, often one of the first pieces of equipment we deploy is an air scrubber. This powerful machine captures airborne particulates and removes them through its HEPA filtration. Use of the air scrubber significantly lowered odors, but to rebuild; they require neutralization. We used the Hydroxyl generator to eradicate the remaining odors with the same UV rays that work like laundry hung in the sun, leaving it fresh and clean. Once we completed our mitigation of the fire loss, we gave the homeowner a list of the necessary repairs to fully restore the kitchen.

Contact SERVPRO of Lafayette at (337) 269-6332, our technicians are available 24/7 to clean up and restore any fire damage to your home or contents. We proudly serve our local community, and We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Lafayette Occupants, House Fires, and the Benefit of SERVPRO's IAQ Service

1/6/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says: Smoke Alarms Can Save Lives in Lafayette

Air Quality Improvements After a Fire in Your Lafayette Home

After an emergency in your Lafayette home, you might not be able to immediately return to assess damages on your own for the possibility of hazardous conditions like poor air quality. Even though the fire has gotten extinguished, the lingering effects could potentially threaten those without the appropriate training and personal protective equipment. Our team of professionals can arrive quickly to help address these concerns and help mitigate other losses in your home as well.

Airborne hazards and fire odor control are chief concerns for both Lafayette homeowners and our SERVPRO professionals that arrive at the scene shortly after the first responders leave. While much of this preliminary stage is assessing the full scope of the damage to sate the needs of the insurance provider that offers coverage for your home, we can also begin the steps necessary to overcome potentially hazardous conditions, noxious odors, and debris or particulates circulating in the environment.

Cleaning up the atmosphere throughout the fire-damaged house, improving indoor air quality, requires several pieces of equipment strategically placed throughout the property. Our air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators can both get used in this situation, as they both trap particulates, debris, and smoke residue as small as 0.3 microns. The longer these machines run, the cleaner the air within the home becomes.

Overcoming lingering foul odors from the fire is another concern for our SERVPRO professionals because it can make restoration work challenging for our technicians and others that could be in the house throughout this process. Often the best approach to permanently eliminating or substantially reducing odors present after a fire is with the use of our thermal foggers. These machines release a dense chemical compound that neutralizes foul odor molecules on contact.

While odors and environmental hazards might not be as blatant to see as severe structural concerns, they are a point to get addressed as promptly as possible. Our SERVPRO of Lafayette fire restoration specialists have the tools and expertise to overcome all hurdles we encounter in returning your property to pre-fire condition. Give us a call today at (337) 269-6332.

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SERVPRO in Lafayette Provides Full Service After Fire Damage to Your Property

12/17/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damaged Home in Lafayette? Call SERVPRO for Restoration--"Like it never even happened."

Rebuilding and Restoration after a Fire in Your Lafayette Home

Some disasters that affect your Lafayette home offer little hope of a fast restoration and recovery. Instead, situations like fires pose a great risk to homeowners and the occupants of the household until substantial work occurs to the property to return it to preloss condition. With widespread structural damages and effects throughout the inside of the property, you need a team with the experience and the skill sets to restore and rebuild all of the damage to your house, not only a portion of it.

Not all of the restoration companies in the area can offer efficient restoration solutions to Lafayette homeowners contending with fire loss. Our SERVPRO rapid response team offers real-time mitigation solutions designed to protect the contents and the structure of your home as much as possible and to work efficiently to begin returning the damaged portions to their original condition. Part of this process hinges on our licensed contracting division within our franchise, which helps us to provide comprehensive support to our customers from the initial inspection through entire reconstructions of leveled properties.

Our licensed SERVPRO contractors have the experience to assess which areas of your home have gotten too badly damaged to restore. We can use controlled demolition techniques on the fire-damaged structural elements of the property to remove only what cannot get saved. Along with our mitigation and restoration tactics, our licensed contractors work to efficiently replace the removed materials to minimize our impact on your life in this traumatic time to get you back into your home quickly.

The technicians on site also work to restore the immediate threats to your property before this reconstruction begins, such as extracting water from extinguishing efforts and working to improve indoor air quality to remove harmful odors, contaminants, and limit mold spore activity.

Our team is available 24/7 to offer our comprehensive solutions including emergency mitigation, restoration, and reconstruction for customers affected by fires. You can depend on our SERVPRO of Lafayette IICRC-certified technicians to arrive quickly to protect your property as much as possible. Give us a call anytime you need us at (337) 269-6332.

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Fire Extinguisher 101

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

Ensuring your home has at least one working fire extinguisher is one of the first steps toward fire preparedness in Lafayette,LA. However, these important tools can come in a variety of styles. Here are a few tips for choosing the right extinguisher for your home.

1. Consider the Chemical Rating

Many extinguishers include an A, B or C rating to help you know which home fire type it is rated for. The A rating is used for dry combustible materials such as paper or wood, while the B rating indicates effectiveness against flammable liquids. Both of these ratings should have a numeral after the letter. These numbers indicate the effectiveness level with higher numbers being more effective than lower. The C rating indicates that the extinguisher materials are non-conductive, and may be used in the event of an electrical fire. There is no numeral indicator for C ratings.

2. Look at the Valve Type

There are two types of valves your fire extinguisher may come with. A plastic valve indicates the extinguisher is disposable and will need to be replaced after time or use. A metal valve is used for refilling the tank when the pressure gets low over an extended period of time, or after use. Most extinguishers include a gauge to help you determine when a refill may be necessary. 

3. Keep the Size in Mind

Extinguishers can come in a variety of sizes. The size you choose may depend on the location it is intended for. Large extinguishers should be kept in areas where a fire may grow quickly, while small to medium extinguishers are best for quick grab situations. In all cases you should know how to properly use your fire extinguisher and follow proper fire safety protocols.

Whatever type of fire extinguisher you choose, remember to read the instructions for its use. It’s also important to keep your extinguisher in working order by checking the pressure and age readings, and having your extinguisher refilled or replaced when needed. If you do have a home fire, a fire damage professional can help with any repairs or smoke odor removal.

Why the Fire Cleanup Process is Important

8/21/2018 (Permalink)

Damaged belongings can be repaired and cleaned after a fire

If your commercial building has suffered from severe fire damage in Lafayette, LA, you’ll be needing fire restoration professionals. The cleanup process is a careful routine designed to help your building and its assets fully recover from fire and smoke damage. Here are a few things you should know about the process and why it’s important to you.

Inspecting and Assessing the Losses

Before professionals can get started, they must carefully inspect all the damage. Experts will determine the extent of damage by using some of the following methods:

• Testing for soot or smoke damage
• Documenting the destruction
• Determining which assets are salvageable

After this has been done, professionals can begin the work required to restore your commercial building.

Fixing and Repairing the Damage

There are three main ways your building can be affected: through fire, smoke, and soot damage. Each requires specialized sanitizing, repairing, and restoring methods. Fire restoration professionals take time to clean and rebuild everything that was damaged by the fire, including water damage from the firefighters’ extinguishing attempts. Depending on the extent of the damage, this might take a while to complete.

Completing the Work and Gaining Satisfaction

After repairing everything that was injured by the fire, experts will finish the smoke cleanings by removing odors that originated from the fire. They’ll contain the smell and sanitize all rooms to ensure that your building doesn’t continue to smell like soot or smoke.

Once everything has been completed, the fire restoration company will work with the owner of the building and confirm that everything has been cleaned and restored. Both parties can work out any differences and come to an agreement that everything is just as it was prior to the fire.

By repairing items affected by smoke damage and sanitizing the building, you can be sure that the fire cleanup process is useful and important. With everything expertly done, you can be satisfied and reassured that your commercial building will be restored to its pre-fire state.

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Water Damage: The Unexpected Result of a Fire

7/22/2018 (Permalink)

Water and Fire damage to Lafayette home

Fire damage in your home can be extensive, even if firefighters catch it before it consumes the whole house. What many people often don't consider is that significant water damage is often part of the aftermath of a house fire. If a fire breaks out in your home in Lafayette, LA, you will probably need to hire restoration experts who specialize in both fire and water remediation techniques.

Damage From the Fire

Smoke and soot are likely to be your main problems during restoration. Fire creates both issues, and they permeate any space the fire touches. Fire can also cause flooding, however. High temperatures rage during a house fire. It doesn't take a long time for heat to cause other problems:

• Melted or damaged pipes
• Melted supply lines
• Cracked toilets

Once the heat starts to melt pipes and supply lines, the water inside them leaks out and wreaks havoc. If your home is equipped with a sprinkler system, this can minimize the fire damage, but it also increases the likelihood that your home and its contents will be damaged by water.

Damage From the Rescue

In order for your home not to be completely consumed, firefighters must put the fire out quickly. To do so, they release a large amount of water into the affected area. Water can come out of a fire hose at an alarming rate, and that water can add to the damage already plaguing your home. It can seep into the floor, causing floorboards to buckle. It can saturate the walls and the insulation behind it. If left unchecked, it can lead to a mold problem.

Remediation services in Lafayette, LA, can tackle both water and fire damage after a fire ravages your home. Knowing what to expect may not make the problem go away faster, but it can lessen a little bit of the stress if you know the professionals you hire can address the whole issue.

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When Home Fires Are Not Covered By Insurance

5/10/2018 (Permalink)

It is important to know what insurance covers if a fire emergency ever broke out in your home

A residential fire in Lafayette, LA, can be costly. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average home fire or lightning strike between 2011 and 2015 caused $43,983 in damage.
Thankfully, insurance can cover much of the damage. But there are two types of house fires that are not covered by typical insurance.

1. Arson Insurance Fraud

Any time you make an insurance claim for fire damage, investigators come to your home to determine the cause of the blaze. If the fire was the result of an electrical failure or a weather event, you should be covered.

Insurance even pays for your damages if the fire was accidentally set by someone in the household. However, if investigators determine that the fire was intentionally set for the sole purposes of collecting insurance money, the insurer will not cover your claim.

2. Vacant Home Fire

Insurance may not cover a home fire if the property was vacant at the time of the blaze. The National Fire Protection Association reported that there were an average of 30,200 vacant property fires annually between 2011 and 2015, causing an average of $710 million in damages each year.
Vacant doesn't just mean abandoned, either. Most insurers define a vacant home as one that has been unoccupied for 30 days in a row.

That means a fire in your summer home during the winter months could cost you money out of your own pocket. However, you can supplement your existing policy with vacant home insurance that covers fire or storm damage.

Whether your home fire is covered by insurance, the potential for damage doesn’t stop once the blaze is put out. Soot can linger in the carpets, and the water used by firefighters can cause flooding and other issues. Fire restoration experts can help mitigate these damages and limit how much you or your insurer has to pay.

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Common Scenarios of Fire Cleanup

2/15/2018 (Permalink)

Common Fire Damage Scenarios

One of the most common scenarios that require a restoration company to engage in fire damage restoration is when there is a fire in home. Whenever there is a fire in home, the structure will usually experience significant damage. However, restoration companies can help with a fire in home by performing a number of services such as fire cleanup. During the process of fire cleanup, companies will board up areas of the home and then eliminate smoke, soot and any debris that accumulated.

As well as homes dealing with fires, businesses are also prone to experiencing the negative effects of one. When there is fire damage on a commercial property, the owners will usually look to get professional assistance immediately. During the process of addressing a fire in business, restoration companies will look to perform a number of the same tasks as they do when restoring homes. The first step in addressing fire damage on a commercial property is to first evaluate the extent of it. A company will assess the fire damage by evaluating structures as well as the accumulation of smoke and soot. The next step in addressing fire damage is to begin the process of eliminating various particles and debris.

During the process of eliminating debris and particles caused by commercial fire damage, restoration companies will first use special equipment to get rid of the debris. Once the debris is eliminated, restoration companies will address commercial fire damage by cleansing the property with certain chemicals and equipment. After these tasks are done, property owners will have minimized the effects of commercial fire damage. Whenever you experience a fire in business, you will need to contact restoration companies right away. With their expertise, anyone who experiences a fire in business will be in position to rid themselves of toxic fumes, hazardous particles and also help restore the appearance of a property. Therefore, restoration companies are a valuable resource to use whenever you experience commercial fire damage that is caused by fire in business.

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Kitchen Fires: A Real Mess

12/21/2017 (Permalink)

It’s Sunday afternoon, you’ve decided to cook chicken wings for dinner. Your grease is on, you can smell the chicken as it begins to cook, and your stomach is growling. Any moment now those beautiful chicken wings are going to be ready and you mouth begins to water, but then the phone rings. It’s your best friend you haven’t spoken to in a month. You begin to notice an acrid smell, but this is your best friend and he is more important, until your fire alarm goes off. You drop the phone and turn to see your once delicious smelling chicken wings are now engulfed in flames. You hang up the phone, dial 911, pour baking soda on the flames and cover the pot. The fire is out, your home is standing, but now your kitchen is covered in black stains and you can’t get it out and you’re afraid you’ll never stop get rid of the smell of burnt chicken wings. Now what?
No need to worry, the team at SERVPRO of Lafayette is at your side. Visit for more information.

Preventing a Kitchen Fire

12/21/2017 (Permalink)

Our talented staff can clean and restore your home and make it "Like it never even happened." Our team members are specially trained in the correct methods to remove soot, stains and odors from your home. With our patented line of cleaning products and industry leading equipment, we can remove that unsightly black from your walls, neutralize the odor from your home, and even remove damaged furnishings and appliances.
What can you do to prevent this from happening?

  • Never leave a hot pan unattended.
  • When cooking with grease, always use a pan with a lid.
  • Never pour water on a grease fire.
  • Use baking soda to put out the flame.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in your home.
  • Monitor cooking grease with a thermometer. Animal fat has a flashpoint of 375°F while most cooking oils have a flashpoint of around 450°F.
  • If you notice an acrid smell coming from the grease or any signs of smoke, remove the pan from heat immediately.

Building A Course of Action For Fire Restoration

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

Building A Course of Action For Fire Restoration

While fire can be overwhelmingly devastating for a business or commercial property, knowing how the commercial fire restoration process works is essential for companies so they can return to their everyday activities.

To put a stop to commercial fire damage the first step in fire restoration a business should take on is to assess the degree of the fire damage. This step should be taken after the firefighters, their fire hoses and fire trucks have concluded their work.

Depending on how bad the fire was and the amount of fire damage extinguished by the firefighters their fire trucks and fire hoses, the process of cleaning up can be quite complicated.

For example, unsafe areas caused by commercial fire damage will need to be isolated and any smoke damage and soot damage should be removed.

Precautionary measures should be taken during both smoke damage and soot damage cleaning as airborne particles move about with smoke throughout the building structure. Another unstable element that impacts soot damage and removal is the type of smoke damage that took place as smoke damage is categorized into categories that include dry, wet and protein based.Visit for more information on fire damage.