Water Damage Photo Gallery

Laundry Room Washer Leak

This carpet suffered from water damage after a washer leak.  The carpet was pulled up and air movers were used to dry under the effected areas.  Contact us at (337) 269-6332 for your water restoration needs.

Water Damage in Lafayette

This home suffered from a water loss after a pipe break.  The team at SERVPRO responded immediately.  The drywall was removed down to the studs and flooring removed for drying. 

Utility Closet Water Loss

After a pipe leak this utility closet had signifiant amount of water in the floor.  After mitigation there was residue from the water.  SERVPRO responded immediately and began clean up procedures.

Water Damage Equipment

SERVPRO has the professional restoration equipment for any type of emergency.  The team is ready for your emergency anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Contact us at (337) 269-6332.

Flooding after River Rise

This parking lot suffered from significant amounts of water from the river rising during a storm.  Steady rain water flooded the parking lot leaving debris and garbage in their lot.  SERVPRO responded and cleaned the lot free of debris. 

Flood Cuts Needed

In this picture, you can see that we have performed flood cuts following a severe water damage to this home. This is necessary to remove damaged drywall and insulation so that more problems don't develop.

Steps Damaged By Water

A water loss in this home caused damage to the steps and the wall in this picture. Here you can see we have removed the carpet and performed flood cuts in order to remove all the damaged material.

Kitchen Flood By Dishwasher

This kitchen had a water loss situation that was caused by a water line leading to this dishwasher that broke and covered the floor. If you have a problem like this, give us a call!